Why (415)Bond?

The name (415)Bond was an easy choice. I wanted my blog to represent things most personal to me. (That is, after all, what a blog is for, right?) Since I wanted my blog to discuss fashion, first and foremost, I thought of the two places that have inspired me the most in fashion. San Francisco, CA and London, England.

(415) is San Francisco's area code. I love people watching there. The mix of cultures, socio-economic classes and neighborhoods in The City By The Bay inspire me every time I visit my home away from home. :) Bond is after Bond St, a famous shopping street in London. Luckily, it was situated a few blocks away from where my hotel was when I first traveled to London in 2006. I think it was that summer I really began to care about fashion, seeing the way Europeans dressed, as I tried to copy their style at French Connection and H&M.

So there you have it. (415)Bond. Enjoy. 

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