About Me

Hey that's me! And sipping on my vice, a grande breve iced coffee, sweetened. Don't forget the sweetener. 

There's a few things about me you should know. If not already. I am born and raised in California (but I hate the heat here). I'm an Anglophile. I'm a lover of reality TV (I can't help it, it's so entertaining), food, fashion (helloooo), Harry Potter, SF Giants baseball, and traveling. I am still awkward in front of the camera. I am definitely a shoe and handbag girl, but I'm not prejudiced when it comes to fashion. I love to get a great deal. I never pay full price for my goodies. 

Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson are my fashion goddesses. Hmmm, they are both British too. Imagine that. 

But to make a long story short:

Life is too sh
ort to wear boring clothes. 

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