Fab Find(s) of The Week: F21

Hooded Denim Jacket
 I made a small order to Forever21 the other day mostly filled with the essentials: socks and beanies (where did all of mine go?). But thanks to my new favorite Instagram account f21finds, they do my shopping for me. I don't have to scour through pages of clothes until I find one thing I like, I just go to Instagram. I got this jacket today and I am in LOVE with it. It resembles the popular rag & bone style but for less than $35. I can't wait to wear it around for the rest of winter and through spring!

Faux Suede Slides

I am stoked about these slides I scored for less than $13. Right now they are sold out, but keep a look out for them to come back in stock. I love the neutral shade of blush and grey. I'm sure they will only last through spring and summer, but for the price, I can't complain. 

xoxo, Courtney