Back to School

J.Crew wool baseball hat, James Perse white t-shirtH&M coated jeans, Theory cardigan (thrifted), Charming Charlie quartz necklace, Nike sneakers via Nordstrom Rack (similar)Rebecca Minkoff purse, Michael Kors watch (gift)

This had to be my favorite shoot I've done. I went back to my high school and shot at the school's baseball bleachers. I loved the change of scenery, and I felt like the outfit matched the environment. I'm pretty sure these were the same bleachers they had when I went to school there, so they were a little wobbly... :O This outfit represented new and old finds mixed together to form an elevated basic. Let's explain: A white tee and jeans. Basic. Coated jeans and a tee, not so basic. Mix in a luxe cashmere cardigan (old) with the season's new footwear trend: sneakers (new) and a mix of accessories: hat and necklace (new), watch and bag (old). 

Have a great Friday!

xoxo, Courtney

Fab Find(s) of The Week: F21

Hooded Denim Jacket
 I made a small order to Forever21 the other day mostly filled with the essentials: socks and beanies (where did all of mine go?). But thanks to my new favorite Instagram account f21finds, they do my shopping for me. I don't have to scour through pages of clothes until I find one thing I like, I just go to Instagram. I got this jacket today and I am in LOVE with it. It resembles the popular rag & bone style but for less than $35. I can't wait to wear it around for the rest of winter and through spring!

Faux Suede Slides

I am stoked about these slides I scored for less than $13. Right now they are sold out, but keep a look out for them to come back in stock. I love the neutral shade of blush and grey. I'm sure they will only last through spring and summer, but for the price, I can't complain. 

xoxo, Courtney

Fashion New Year's Resolutions

I know I've been MIA lately. Luckily we can all blame that November/December Holiday craziness. It's my favorite time of the year, one full month dedicated to eating, watching movies like Elf and Love Actually, eating red velvet brownies (that recipe is coming soon) and for me, Christmas in Maui. As you can imagine, I've been suffering severe post vacation depression. 

I don't normally create resolutions for myself, but I feel like if I have them here on paper per se, I can try to keep myself responsible to actually do them! 

1. Wear Lipstick - This may seem silly, but I don't vary with my beauty routine hardly ever. A good way to do that is just to change up my lip color. I have a small selection now, but it's a cheaper and fun way to change it up at night, and see what I like. 

2. Wear What I Have - This may seem obvious, but finding new ways to wear what I have, instead of throwing away never worn or rarely worn items will make me feel much better after a few years if I know I got my money's worth. 

3. Buy Quality not Quantity - This is something I've learned only recently. I used to want to have a LOT of clothes and shoes, and now I'm realizing what a waste it is. I don't wear a majority of it, and then I end of selling it for pennies for what I paid for it. Now when I buy, I only look for pieces that will last. Classic styles (not trends!) in quality fabrics that will stay in style for years. 

4. Thrift For Deals - If I ever had the urge to go on a shopping spree or am feeling down (that's when I usually like a shopping-pick-me-up; head to the nearest thrift or buy-sell-trade store. Getting a great deal on designer items is my drug of choice. It's guilt-free too. Don't cut shopping out completely, just be smart about it. I always buy things on markdown or double/triple markdown. One of my favorite finds was a gorgeous silk Rebecca Taylor dress I found for $6!! 

5. Don't Impulse Buy - This can also be translated to: Don't just buy it because it is on sale. I spent so much when I worked at J.Crew on cheap items that really added up. These were items that I got for great deals, yes, but maybe not items that fit perfectly, or were the right colors for me. Even if they seem like cheap, simple purchases, think about them. Because they DO add up.

6. Buy Clothes That Fit - This seems a bit obvious, but for some reason, I always buy clothes that are too big. I hate wearing clothes that are too tight because that looks good on no one... Even my co-workers would say things to me when I showed up for work wearing things in the right size. Imagine that. I always tell women to not pay attention to the number on the clothing, but the way it fits. It's well known that different brands vary by size. I could wear a large in Zara but a small or medium at J.Crew. It pays to try on the same item in multiple sizes to get the best fit. 

What are your fashion resolutions?

xoxo, Courtney