Black & Gold

Lush sheer blouse,  7FAM Roxanne Skinny Jean in Distressed, thrifted (similar), Diane von Furstenberg Wedges via Marshalls, sold out (available on eBay)Conversation Pieces tote, BP Mirrored Sunglasses (RayBan version), Foxsie Co and Forever 21 Rings

I found the most amazing find at my Marshalls store a few weeks back. I always browse the clearance shoes first; and sitting on the very top shelf, these metallic gold wedges caught my eye. When I took them down I couldn't believe they were DVF. And for only $29!! They were technically a half size too small, but this was a "make it work" moment. I looked around me in silence (while my insides were bursting with joy) as if I just swiped the Golden Ticket out from everyone's noses. 
I also got a killer deal on my 7FAM jeans, Lush blouse (both from the same Crossroads shopping trip), sunglasses and jewelry. Aside from the tote, every piece was under $30. With all the different ways to get great deals out there, spending retail is just stupid. :)

What has been your ultimate style score? 

xoxo, Courtney

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Amanda Ellis said...

I love those gold wedges. Absolutely perfect!

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