Fall Essentials: A Red Plaid Top

"Ex Boyfriend" Shirt in Albion Plaid - Madewell
One of the most essential fall items is a plaid shirt. I own about half a dozen in a variety of colors and patterns, but without a doubt, the ones that get the most rotation are a blue /green one and a red/blue one. However, I had to give up my red one last season because I outgrew it (not physically, thankfully) but I held on to it for so long because I love the colors so much. What I love most about red plaid is it pops against any outfit pairings. I love the Madewell shirt above because of the small details. With all the plaid shirts available, you want to stand out. This shirt stands out. I love the little pop of gingham print in the lining and when you roll the cuffs. It's like two plaids for one. I can tell you this, this would be one thing I would keep from my Ex-Boyfriend.... ;)

Where is your perfect plaid from? Send me links! I'm in the market for a new one! :) 

xoxo, Courtney


Andrea jueong said...

Nice top!I love plaid especially red!

Kelly said...

That looks like the perfect fall shirt!

xx Kelly
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Courtney said...

You can never have too many plaid shirts for fall! ;)


Unknown said...

Love that top! Are you excited for Madewell to open in Sacramento?