Fab Find of The Week: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polish in 330 Redgy c/o Influenster

If I could, in a perfect world, I would get a manicure every 2 weeks. But I don't have the money, and I like to think I could make a manicure last longer than 2 weeks. It took me forever to get on the "gel manicure" bandwagon. I really loved the results. A super fast drying time, no chips for weeks, but the terrible state of your nails after you take off the foil doused in acetone? SO not worth it. So I stopped. 

There have been several at-home gel manicure systems since then, but this no-light system by Sally Hansen takes the cake. It's so simple. Two coats of the color of your choice (that's the hardest part, there's so many good ones!) and then one coat of the top coat. Did I mention the top coat dries in like a minute? It's great. No more planning your day around painting your nails. 

xoxo, Courtney

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