2013 Emmy's: Best and Worst

I didn't start watching the Emmy's until about 2 years ago, when I realized they were the Oscar's for television. I love rooting for my favorite shows and actors, and I feel like even more than the movies, we are more invested in them since we watch them season after season. But of course, it is the start to award season fashion. And that's what I'm here to report. 

The Best:
Laura Dern

Kaley Cuoco

Malin Akerman
I couldn't help it, seeing the spring runway shows made me fall in love with light flowy fabrics, bright colors and neutral palettes. This is probably why I gravitated towards these 3 gowns as my best looks. I especially love Laura Dern in Naeem Khan, but think it would have looked stellar on someone liked Julianne Hough or Allison Williams. It was a case of right dress-wrong actress syndrome.

Honorable Mentions:
Kerry Washington

Julianne Hough

Allison Williams
These dresses were nice, but didn't quite hit the mark. I love Marchesa, but I still don't know if I like the ethereal, fairy-tale like gown on Kerry Washington. Julianne's dress could have been a real stunner, except the drop shoulder made her bust look smooshed and the bottom half of her dress needs some thicker lining (but still sheer) for it to be spot on. As for Allison, I love the trendy cobalt blue, but it's just a plain, simple and rather boring silhouette. 


Lena Dunham
Connie Britton
Jessica Lange
Ah, Lena. We meet again. Apparently next to getting naked on screen, being on the worst dressed list is also becoming her thing. I realize fashion isn't her forte, but will someone please stop putting her in oversize dresses? Connie Britton is clearly a stunning woman. Putting her in teal velvet may not be the best way to enhance her beauty. Just saying. As for Jessica, the graphic print on her arms and upper torso makes it look like a cat got to her gown. Not a fan.

What were your favorites? Misses? 

xoxo, Courtney