Aloha! My Trip to Hawai'i!

I went to Hawai'i during Memorial Day week with my Mom and brothers for 5 nights/6 days worth of sun and fun. We left early Saturday morning (5:30 am to be exact) and got to Oahu by noon. We stayed right off of Waikiki Beach. Below is a sampling of my pictures from the trip!

Waikiki Beach:

 Waikiki Beach, while famous, is very saturated by tourists. Of all the islands, Oahu is the least "private" or "secluded". The main street parallel to the beach is lined with shops and reminds me somewhat of the Embarcedero in San Francisco. The waters were warm, but crowded. 

Diamond Head Crater:
Diamond Head is a huge crater on the south side of the island that is a short .8 mile hike to the top. It is a windy, steep hike however, so it's no walk in the park. I highly recommend any visitors to do it. The views from the top are stunning (bottom picture). Make sure to wear sunscreen and comfortable clothes (and shoes) and bring water! Luckily it was quite windy that day so the heat wasn't a problem, or else try to hike as early in the morning as your travel companions will let you!

Dole Pineapple Plantation:
We made a quick stop at the Dole Pineapple Plantation after a day at Kailua Beach (rated one of the best beaches in the world!) I am so glad we did. Pineapples are among my favorite fruits, and I honestly didn't really know much about how their grown or processed. Well, they are grown in fields and picked (every single one, by HAND!) We picked up a mix between a sorbet and ice cream made with fresh pineapple. (bottom picture) It was so delicious. 

Hanauma Bay:
 Snorkeling is always one of my favorite activities to do on a beach vacation. We went to Hanauma Bay, known for the coral reefs, schools of fish and if you're lucky, sea turtles. This excursion can get pricey as you pay for parking ($1), admission ($8 ea) and rentals ($10 ea) so knowing that can help you prepare. Since there are so many people competing for lounging space on the beach and snorkeling spots in the water, it can get super crowded. This may also be best to do in the wee hours of the morning. 

 Pearl Harbor:
 We made the stop to Pearl Harbor a few hours before our flight out of Oahu. There is no fee to get into the memorial, unless you take any tour. So we passed by through the museum and looked at everything from afar. I wish we spent half a day taking the tour, but if we ever get to go back, we will make sure to do it. But I am glad we at least got to pass by. 

Food Food Food:
 I like to go on vacation to eat. How doesn't? We got to eat a lot of yummy meals while in Hawaii. Here's a few samples. The top is a Loco Moco plate from Rainbow Drive In. They were featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. It is Hawaiian fast food if you will: sticky rice topped with a beef patty and sunny side up eggs topped with gravy and a side of macaroni salad. Delicious! Second is a bowl of chicken and veggie ramen from a noodle place we got along the main strip in Waikiki. Lastly, we got some pineapple and strawberry shave ice after our Diamond Head hike! So refreshing. 

 There are so many stunning sights in Hawai'i. Compared to the city landscapes of California, the tropical scenery is such a drastic change. The first picture is a tree with the beautiful flowers used to make the leis. The second are these huge trees I saw on Waikiki Beach that kind of reminded me of The Lion King. Not sure why. haha. Lastly, the bottom two pictures are the sides of the H-3 Highway. There are sky high mountains with lush green trees with hundreds of waterfalls. It was one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen. It was stunning. I am so glad I wasn't driving, because I was so distracted by how gorgeous it was! 

What I Wore:
Badgley Mischka Halter Bikini -
Now for a dash of fashion. I brought along a new bikini with me on the trip and wore it for the first time (a risk I was willing to take). I ordered a few months ago this bikini from and it's hands down the best bikini I've ever owned! I have an emerald green color vs black, and it fits great! Not to mention, for being a designer piece, the price was amazing! 

xoxo, Courtney

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