How to Shop at Forever 21

 I have been toying with the idea of this post for a while, but after writing down notes over the past few weeks, I decided it would be extremely helpful from a self-proclaimed Forever 21-aholic. I own a LOT of their merchandise from lingerie, pajamas to shoes, and think I can give some helpful hints to those who don't shop as often as I do. Don't remind me....

1. Browse Online, Shop In Store - Shop during the weekdays on a Tuesday or Wednesday at opening time (if possible). Never go on the weekends. This way you are limiting yourself to the organized chaos and hoards of people. There is no method to their madness, and how they organize their clothes, which is why you have to know what you are shopping for ahead of time, or you could be there for HOURS. 

Forever 21 Wishlist
2. Create a WishList- When browsing the site, add things you like on to your wishlist. I do this all the time. Above is a print screen of a portion of my actual wish list. Items will update if they go out of stock, but sometimes they will come back, so don't delete it right away. This keeps the items you like organized, and when you are ready to buy, it's a swift click of the mouse to bring what you want to your shopping bag. 

 3.  Read Reviews - I always read reviews, some will have great insight on the quality, material, and little details about items you want to know about.This is especially helpful for fit questions, especially if a particular item has a lot of reviews. If the overall consensus is negative, I tend to skip it

4.  Know the Policies- Forever 21 has the worst policies. They are no Nordstrom or Zara, let's be honest. If you buy anything on sale or use a coupon/promo code (ie: 30% on all sweaters) they call it final sale (even though on your receipt, the promo items will NOT be listed as final sale... I have a serious issue with this). Also, you can only get store credit back for ANY purchase, which means, more shopping for you at Forever 21, and more money for them. Also, I was at the store a few months ago and found a great necklace but it was missing a gem. The sales associate was only willing to give me 5% off... a whopping 5 cents. They aren't very customer service driven, or willing to go the extra mile, so know that going in. 

5. Use a Sales Associate - Take a print screen on your phone from your wishlist of products you want to find in store. Keep in mind not everything online is in store. But to keep your trip from going through lunch time, ask a sales person to see if they have any of the items you are searching for. I suggest asking a store manager, or someone that is more familiar with the products. And even easier, they can look up the item on their systems, I'm sure.

6. Use the Dressing Rooms - Always try on in store. I used to be the WORST when it came to trying on clothes before purchasing. I liked to try them on in the comfort of my own bedroom. But with Forever 21 you can't really do that. You need to take your time and try everything on because your money is at stake. I once had a $87 store credit to Forever 21, which sounds great, until you realize you would have much rather had that back in your bank account. Be smart. 

Forever 21 reviews
7.  Inspect Your Clothes - I was in my local Forever 21 today and I had to add this extra tip. It is crucial before you buy anything to inspect your garments. This is because the clothes are jammed in super tight racks, moved around all the time, and probably carelessly tried on by a dozen people. There could be snags, makeup stains or missing buttons. Don't buy the one shirt in the bunch with all these faults. 

8. Return the Favor - Write reviews for the products you keep, and even return. It is really helpful for shoppers to see reviews for products, especially since their products can vary in quality. Sometimes I get huge hits, and on the other hand, huge misses. Let others know. 

Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Courtney

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