Would You Wear: Clear Heeled Shoes?

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Charlotte Olympia
All over the Spring 2013 shows, there was a consistency of clear accessories. I wrote a blog post about it on my work blog, Wear to Be if you want to check that out, but here I just wanted to focus on the shoes, arguably the most important accessory. 
I love the Charlotte Olympia heels above, but I could definitely see how people could instantly think of a certain exotic occupation when seeing these shoes. As for me, I think of a horrible pair of all clear heels I bought for a dance sophomore year of high school. Maybe I was just really ahead of the times? 

Left to Right: Darelbida White Pump - ALDO / Aserri Nude Sandal - ALDO / Michael Kors Lana Wedge - Piperlime

Above are some trendy clear heeled shoes I found while surfing the web over the past few weeks. These were my favorites and I actually considered buying the ones on the far left but I am still iffy about them! Because they are $100 for a "trendy" purchase, and they don't have a WOW factor like the Charlotte Olympia pair does, I think I'll be saving my $100. 
 Do you like these modern heels? Will you be buying a pair for your wardrobe?

xoxo, Courtney


Steven Williams said...

Lana Wedge!

Steven Williams said...
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Courtney said...

i love those too steven!