Prayers for Boston

My mom's Boston Marathon Jacket

Edited: 4/17/13
This was definitely not the post I was going to do today. But considering how close to home the events from today were, I couldn't not say something.

My mom ran the Boston Marathon Monday, her first time in the prestigious race. She had qualified before, but sickness and injury had enabled her from competing. So this was her year, and getting to say that "my mom is running in the Boston Marathon" made me so proud. She works hard, almost too hard when it comes to her fitness, and running is her release, her drug, per se. 

I wanted to go to Boston to watch her run for it's probably a once and a lifetime chance, but work issues made me stay at home. Plus, she would be able to reunite with her brother and sister, a mini reunion of sorts. 

So Monday morning came, and I sent my mom a good luck text and started my work day. I didn't hear myself about what happened, I found out when I looked at my phone and saw half a dozen text messages asking if my mom was okay. It took many phone calls (I think I counted over 40), and too many texts to count to put together the pieces of that morning. I first talked to my brother Dylan, who told me there were explosions at the finish line at the 4:09:00 finish time and that is roughly my mom's pace. 

When Dylan said this, I had a mini panic attack because I had yet to know the extent of the tragedy. I also was thinking about my aunt and uncle who should also be at the finish line to watch my mom come in. 

After a call to my uncle back in Arizona, he passed on the information to me that my aunt and uncle saw my mom around mile 20 and she motioned she wasn't feeling well and slowed her pace down. After that they got on the train to meet my mom at the finish. Luckily they were still on the train when the bombs went off. 

When they did, things got chaotic, cell phone towers jammed, and it took hours for her to find my aunt and uncle. She explained that she couldn't hear the explosions, but a hoard of runners came toward them looking concerned and yelling things at them. The thousands of remaining runners were rerouted, but the runners were still in a craze. My mom said she was so cold and in "pretty bad shape" when a spectator gave her her fur jacket. We have been hearing a lot about the selflessness of others on Monday, and my mom said spectators, EMT and Police were outstanding in responding to the events.

Now that I have had time to decompress, calm down, and relax, I am overwhelmed with emotions yet again. I am terribly shocked about what happened, and that my mom was there in all of the chaos. I am saddened by the loss of life, but glad that more were not taken (I hope this stays true as the days go on). I am so sad and upset that my mom had to go through something like this alone, confused, and on a day that is supposed to be so exciting and fun. But in the end, I am so angry and sad for my mom, who was so excited to finally complete one of her biggest goals and accomplishments, only to have it cut short by half a mile.  

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