Lust List: Sheer, Shiny Metal & Girl Crushes

This is not an illusion. This is really my closet. Well like 1/8 of it.
I seriously may have a problem that requires fashion rehab. I don't know when sheer shirts made their appearance onto the fashion scene, or when I started to accumulate them as fast as I did, but I have so many! I love the simplicity and flexibility of a sheer shirt to wear to work, out at night or even with jean cut offs on the weekend. I have about a dozen in different shades and with different elements like jewel embellishments or cotton sleeves (thanks H&M). And to think I haven't even worn all of them yet...

Metal belts seen on celebs during awards season. Cheaper version at Urban Outfitters
During awards show season, and even before that, metal plate belts were an edgy trend on red carpets. I loved how the metal shined, and became an extra accessory. I love this trend because sometimes you go to an event like a cocktail party or a wedding and you need to belt a dress or skirt but can't use a traditional brown leather belt. Here is your solution, and it is so chic. It instantly makes your outfit look like a designer piece. If someone asks, I won't tell if you say it is. It might as well be. 

Mind, meet your idea of Heaven.
 If you were to ask me who my Hollywood crushes were, I would say Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence. Honestly. Even if I took a few minutes to God forbid think of a few guys it would actually be difficult. There's just too many more awesome girls out there. Everyone that knows me knows I LOVE Emma Watson. She's classy, sophisticated and stylish, and Jennifer Lawrence has definitely joined Emma-ranks for how talented, raw, and real she is. Channing Tatum who?  

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