Sacramento Fashion Week

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Last week was Sacramento Fashion Week and I got the opportunity to attend one of the designer showcases, as well as two events earlier in the week. On Monday a group of my co workers and I went to the Fashion Forum, where a panel of industry insiders gave insightful information about the fashion industry and the perspective they have in the industry. Panelists included ANTM winner Naima Mora, a casting agent, a fashion industry lawyer, and the CEO of The Stylist Online, among others. This was especially interesting for someone like myself, who is fascinated by all aspects of an industry, and all the different career paths you can take. 

Tuesday we attended a Social Media workshop with a different set of panelists explaining how they use social media in their business and how we can use it too. The best thing about this workshop was being introduced to so many incredible business resources in the Sacramento area! I had no idea all these great people existed, and trust me, they are now on my "Follow" list!!

Photo Credit: Steven Williams
 Friday was the first designer showcase and that was the night our group attended. There was a total of 8 designers that showcased their collections, which allowed the audience to view a real range in styles and design. Although on a much smaller level than the New York's and Paris', I was so excited to attend the show and support designers on a local level. For a more in depth article of the two night's showcases, see this article by Sacramento Press. I can't wait until next year!
Photo Credit: Steven Williams


Niv Elliot said...

These are some great photos!! Thanks for posting- I'm glad you were able to make it to the show.

Courtney said...

It was so great to see your collection! Great work! :)