Wardrobe Essentials for any Fashionista

Right to Left: J Brand Skinny Jeans / Slouchy White T Shirt / Steve Madden Leopard Print Flats / Madewell Chambray Shirt / Steve Madden Gladiator Sandal / Slouchy Sweater / Black Blazer / Cap Toe Pumps / Anorak Jacket / Riding Boots / Michael Kors Oversize Watch
As you can see, this collage of essentials is a tad bigger than the other two. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I put more emphasis on clothes than beauty and hair, but to each her own, right? Of all the different things in my closet, there are always a few things that I always gravitate towards because they pull a look together. They're essentials. 

Starting with the "basics" per se, having a pair (or a few pairs) of skinny jeans are crucial for your closet.  You may have to try on dozens of pairs, and in a handful of brands, but getting the right fit, and wash will go a long way. And if you're like me, you'll most likely have to hem all your jeans. But some pairs can last for years, so it's worth it.

You can wear a white t shirt anytime. Anywhere. It's the ultimate basic. So having the perfect shirt (or a few of them) is a no brainer. I found my favorites at H&M, which is the perfect combination of slouchy comfort and a killer price. I like my white shirts loose with a crew neck, and my H&M tees fit the bill. 

I finally found my perfect pair of leopard flats at Aldo a few months ago and I wear them all the time, even in these chilly winter months; I can't help it! If I feel like I need a pop of something to my outfit, to give it a bit of sass, I immediately go to my leopard flats. They act almost as an accessory
 I love the chambray shirt trend, especially a denim chambray. A chambray, especially a denim, act as a white t shirt almost. You can wear it with virtually anything. I think I have gone a bit overboard as I own about 5 chambrays in different styles and colors.  But like I said, it's practically an investment, it goes with everything. I think it's good reasoning. 

I hardly ever wear flip flops in the summer unless I'm going to the pool. I don't find them as an appropriate summer fashion when there are so many other cute sandals to wear. My favorite trend are the gladiator sandals. It takes what could be a boring shoe and elevates it into something much more fashion forward. So ditch the pool shoes!

I love my sweaters during this time of the year, and I have acquired so many this past year. I realized that before, all I would wear was jeans and sweatshirts (when I was in college) and now I don't even wear sweatshirts anymore! Skinny jeans and an oversize sweater is all you need for the winter.

I used to only wear a blazer when I would go on interviews, but then I smartened up and realized that my amazing black blazer could be worn for other events too. Then I experimented with fun colors like bright coral and blush, and now a "jeans and t shirt" ensemble turns into something much more chic.

Every girl needs that one pair of heels that she can go to, to put together any outfit. Whether it is the color, comfort level (that's a big one for me), or the way they make you feel, you should have a great pair of heels ready for any classy event (or if you just want that extra oomph). :)

I was looking for a long time for the perfect anorak. I ordered a light linen one online but it wasn't good enough. Then one day I was at H&M I was perusing through the store and I made a dead stop when I saw one anorak on a rack. There was only one left and in my size. It fit perfect and since then, I've worn it almost every day. I'm telling you now, if you don't have one, find one! It will be worth every minute of your time looking because it is the single best thing I bought in 2012. 
 Boots, boots boots. I have a bucket full of them. Literally because I can't store them efficiently anywhere else. I have so many pairs of boots in different styles and colors (but mainly black and brown) but one style of boot that will always be fashionable is the riding boot. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I am super picky about my boots in particular. If the leather looks cheap and the color is just not right, I will keep looking. I have found you have to be willing to spend a little more in order to get that refined, sleek look. 

I don't accessorize as much as I probably should (I spend my money on clothes instead of jewelry). However, my boyfriend got me the same Michael Kors watch pictured above 2 years ago and it's my most treasured accessory. These oversize watches are very trendy right now, but what is good about these is that a beautiful classic watch will never go out of style! So ladies, it is worth the splurge! Or, add it to your wish list. 

Embeded pictures: from my Instagram - CCartier

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