Superbowl Ads and Appetizers

Football is my least favorite sport to watch, but since moving in with my boyfriend a year ago I have been forced against my will to watch it. But luckily for us, and my boyfriend's sake, his favorite team the 49'ers made it to the Superbowl, but as we know from yesterday, didn't take the top prize. I love getting together with a big group and enjoying the festivities, the food, the beer, the company. I also love watching the Superbowl ads. As a marketing student, I like grading the best and worst and what company spent their millions the best.

Overall, the ads weren't stellar, and over than CBS promoting their own shows, the ads only played once so they really had to make an impression. My favorite ads in no particular order are below. 

1. Volkswagen "Get in. Get Happy."

2. Taco Bell "Viva Young"

3. NFL Network "Leon Sandcastle"

And the award for the most awkward and uncomfortable ad of the afternoon goes to Calvin Klein. And yes, I'm going to post it so you can see it again. 

Now on to the most important stuff, the grub! At our Superbowl party we had the usual things; pizza, beer, chips, dip, wings, and sweets. I decided to contribute an easy Stuffed Mushrooms recipe I found. It was super easy, just prepping the mixture and pulling the stems from the mushrooms without breaking them, took the most time. Luckily I baked them on a sheet pan with raised sides, as water from the mushrooms leaked onto the pan creating a pool. These were so addicting, and perfect for any occasion like a party or potluck where you have to bring a side dish. 
Image and recipe from Chef in Training Blog
Find the recipe here

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