Oscars 2013: Best and Worst Dressed

I love love love Oscar Sunday. It is the Superbowl of the Entertainment Industry. It combines two of my favorite things, films and fashion. I try to watch as many of the nominated Best Picture films as I can, and this year I managed to get 5/9. But lets be honest, half of the night is spent scrutinizing the fashion. So let's get down to business. 

Best Dressed:

Jessica Chastain is unreal. She is truly stunning inside and out. This sparkly beaded gown fits like a glove on her small frame and the blush color goes perfectly with her hair and skin tone. She was the first star on the red carpet and she knocked it out of the park!
Naomi Watts' gunmetal asymmetrical gown was definitely a favorite for everyone, I would say. I loved the color, and the cut, but some part of me wishes it was either a cap sleeve or a sweetheart neck, but it's super cool the way it is. I wish it had a longer train, to make it more formal. 
Jennifer Garner needs to win Wife of Awards Season. Who cares if she hasn't made a great movie since Juno, she looks flawless supporting Ben Affleck at every event. They are the best couple in Hollywood right now. :)  

The best for last! So, I have a confession. I kind of am obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. Along with the rest of America, I want to be best friends with her. She has joined the ranks of Emma Watson in my books. In terms of her wardrobe on Sunday, both her look at the ceremony and the after party were stunning! This is what a star is supposed to look like. Who cares if she's ONLY 22. She looks better than seasoned professionals. 

Honorable Mentions:
 Amy Adams looks like what I want ladies to wear on Oscar Sunday. I love how dramatic and pretty it is, but the color was a little boring for me.
This is a bit out of left field, but when I saw this picture I had to include it! Diane Kruger is one of my favorite style icons in Hollywood because of her risky, unexpected yet stylish ensembles. I loved this black and white frock for the Vanity Fair party. It was cocktail length which is a-typical, but it was so classy. I'm obsessed!

Worst Dressed:
Let's start with the obvious. Where to begin? This dress is one of the worst I have seen in a while. Not to mention it looks similar to Taylor Swift's plum dress from the Golden Globes, which puts a bad taste in my mouth. The bust area is clearly awkward, the seam around the waist is too distracting, it is wrinkly, the color reminded me of a flower girl, and the shapeless frame is unforgivable. Bad bad bad.
I'm not sure how Brandi from RHOBH got an invite to the Oscars, but she should have marked the occasion by looking the part, not landing on this page, or being ridiculed by millions. The bust of this dress is miniscule. I don't see how any woman could fit in that. The bottom-crumpled-up-tissue-paper is awful too. But I'm just splitting hairs here.
The Oscars featured way too many performances. I skipped through Jennifer Hudson. I only want to watch Adele, thank you. I think this dress on Jennifer Hudson is all wrong. Not only can she not pose in it, but the shoes are wrong, but it's just. not. her. This is a Zoe Saldana dress. I watched all of the Red Carpet interviews on a few networks, and Jennifer Hudson was so unlikeable. We get it. You have an Oscar.
Does anyone know why Kristen Stewart was at the Oscars? It was one of those "which of these people doesn't belong" moments. She looks like a mess from the dress, to her hair, and apparently a leg injury she has. When she presented with my beloved Daniel Radcliffe I wanted to vomit from embarrassment. We will all forget that ever happened.

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Deborah said...

I agree with all your comments, however Jennifer Hudson gave an amazing performance and left Adele, on this night, in the dust. I am not a big Jennifer H. fan and I am a huge Adele fan, but J smashed it out of the park.