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Oh my goodness. This was definitely supposed to be up on Monday or Tuesday, but a recent exciting job development has kept me quite busy! I hope to share it with you soon, but I need to be sure I can! This week is flying by, in a good way, but I can't ignore my blog by any means.  So if you may remember, last Sunday was the Grammy's (okay it wasn't that long ago...) and we saw lots of great performances (that Bob Marley tribute performance was amazing, and worth watching in itself). But back to the fashion, if you didn't hear, there was a dress code per se, put in place before the event. Did anyone follow the rules? These are celebrities folks...

The Best:
I was honestly shocked when I saw Rihanna's wardrobe choice. I'll admit I am not the biggest fan of her personally, but she seemed to follow the "dress code" and she actually looks like a beautiful woman, not a crazed performer. Or whatever she is pretending to be that particular day. I'm loving everything about this dress; the color, the fabric. It looks so comfortable! Well done Rihanna.
Umm. Hello Kelly Rowland! Someone didn't follow the dress code! I would expect these two ladies to be wearing each others' dresses. This is more Rihanna's style, but I have to give Kelly Rowland props for taking the risk (who knows, maybe there could have been legitimate Fashion Police?)  because she looks good! You have to have confidence to pull this sheer patterned dress off, and she knows it! 

Honorable Mentions: 
I couldn't not post a picture of Florence Welch's reptilian frock. It was just too crazy. Florence Welch has a pretty unique sense of style to say it plainly, and this is no exception. I'm all for for special details and embellishments, but these studs are something else. I don't hate this dress, but I don't love it either. I just know I'm not as cool as Florence Welch to rock it. 
Emerald is the color of 2013, and dressing in shades of it will be seen throughout the season. Solange Knowles may have out shined her sister Beyonce with this awesome look.  The color is stunning, the slit is high and the hair is fun. The shoes are okay, they give off a watermelon vibe to me, so I would have been more safe and worn the same style of Loubs but in nude. 

The Worst:
Oh Adele. I hate doing this to you because you are so bloody talented. But wearing what looks like a heavy semi-constructed piece of drapery will not let you off the hook! I do have to give it to her for finally wearing color. Her usual wardrobe is fifty shades of black, but this time stepping out of her comfort zone was not worth the risk. 
Every time I see a picture of Jennifer Lopez now I roll my eyes. Okay, we get it. You look great for your age! But do you really have to wear tight fitting, sequined, up to here dresses ALL THE TIME? I could give her some points if the dress was nice but it's not even that! Her leg looks awkward, and the dress looks big and ill-fitting. Maybe it's time to try something new, you think? 

Photo credit from Yahoo.  

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