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Alright everyone, as promised, here is part deux to the "essentials" series. Hopefully you found Part 1 (Hair Essentials) to be helpful, and ran to your nearest department store to stock up on hair ties, argon oil, and dry shampoo! By no means am I an expert on the topic, but I love to recommend products that I love and hopefully others can benefit as well. As a bonus, I think I have to make a Part 3, and post my Fashion Essentials for every girl's closet. Until then, enjoy!

Left to Right: Up & Up Moisturizing Lotion / Boots Anti-blemish Foam Cleanser / Great Lash Mascara / Olay ProX System / Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse / OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" Nail Polish / NYX Eyeshadow Base / Ulta "In the Buff" Eyeshadow
It was really hard to narrow this list down. I thought I had a good set, and then I thought "Oh no, what about nail polish, and this and that." Basically, I made sacrifices, but these were the lucky ones that made the cut. 

1. I love this Target brand Up&Up Moisturizing face lotion as an alternative to the pricey Aveeno. I put it on right after the shower and it leaves my face silky smooth and soft. It does have SPF, which is great for my light skin, but it makes the lotion smell like sunscreen (my only complaint). A single bottle can last me almost a year!

2. I'll admit it, I didn't wash my face at night regularly until a few years ago. I would cheat and use face wipes (nothing against them, I like them on a late night out) instead of really washing the dirt and oil away. Thankfully, Boots (also at Target) has this great foaming cleanser I use at night and it makes me feel fresh before I hit the sheets. 

3. At one time I could be wearing up to 4 different mascaras. Is that a bit extreme? Maybe. But with all these different types of mascaras, They all seem to do something different. However, the Watermelon Tube as I call it, can do no wrong. If you were forced to only carry one on you, God forbid, then this is the one I suggest.

4. My brother got me the Olay ProX system for Christmas and I can't live without it now! It is a more affordable version of the pricey Clairasonic system. I keep mine in the shower and use it in the morning with my own face wash. After using the ProX system, you don't realize how much of a deep clean you get with the brushes versus your hands. I have totally seen a transformation in my skin!

5. I talked about the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in a past post (here  ) so I won't reiterate myself too much. I wasn't too much of a face-makeup kind of girl until recently, when I realized I needed to suck it up. If done right, it makes you look fresh, clear and polished. This one is almost invisible, because it doesn't feel cakey on your skin. I love it! 

6. If I had to wear one nail polish for the rest of my life, I would probably chose OPI "You Don't Know Jacques". It works almost as a nude, with a bit of attitude. Frankly, that's a shade I can deal with year-round. 

7. This NYX Eyeshadow Base is perfect when you know you are going from day to night and won't be re-applying your eye makeup. When applied before eyeshadow, it keeps the makeup from creasing (my biggest problem) and looking good from work to happy hour! 

8. I discovered this ULTA eyeshadow a few weeks ago when I realized I needed a natural shadow to wear at work, interviews or on the weekends when I still want to look (somewhat) put together. This particular shade is pretty but natural. Perfect!   

What are your beauty must-haves? Stay tuned for Part 3 - Fashion Essentials. Now this is going to take a while...

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