Oscars 2013: Best and Worst Dressed

I love love love Oscar Sunday. It is the Superbowl of the Entertainment Industry. It combines two of my favorite things, films and fashion. I try to watch as many of the nominated Best Picture films as I can, and this year I managed to get 5/9. But lets be honest, half of the night is spent scrutinizing the fashion. So let's get down to business. 

Best Dressed:

Jessica Chastain is unreal. She is truly stunning inside and out. This sparkly beaded gown fits like a glove on her small frame and the blush color goes perfectly with her hair and skin tone. She was the first star on the red carpet and she knocked it out of the park!
Naomi Watts' gunmetal asymmetrical gown was definitely a favorite for everyone, I would say. I loved the color, and the cut, but some part of me wishes it was either a cap sleeve or a sweetheart neck, but it's super cool the way it is. I wish it had a longer train, to make it more formal. 
Jennifer Garner needs to win Wife of Awards Season. Who cares if she hasn't made a great movie since Juno, she looks flawless supporting Ben Affleck at every event. They are the best couple in Hollywood right now. :)  

The best for last! So, I have a confession. I kind of am obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence. Along with the rest of America, I want to be best friends with her. She has joined the ranks of Emma Watson in my books. In terms of her wardrobe on Sunday, both her look at the ceremony and the after party were stunning! This is what a star is supposed to look like. Who cares if she's ONLY 22. She looks better than seasoned professionals. 

Honorable Mentions:
 Amy Adams looks like what I want ladies to wear on Oscar Sunday. I love how dramatic and pretty it is, but the color was a little boring for me.
This is a bit out of left field, but when I saw this picture I had to include it! Diane Kruger is one of my favorite style icons in Hollywood because of her risky, unexpected yet stylish ensembles. I loved this black and white frock for the Vanity Fair party. It was cocktail length which is a-typical, but it was so classy. I'm obsessed!

Worst Dressed:
Let's start with the obvious. Where to begin? This dress is one of the worst I have seen in a while. Not to mention it looks similar to Taylor Swift's plum dress from the Golden Globes, which puts a bad taste in my mouth. The bust area is clearly awkward, the seam around the waist is too distracting, it is wrinkly, the color reminded me of a flower girl, and the shapeless frame is unforgivable. Bad bad bad.
I'm not sure how Brandi from RHOBH got an invite to the Oscars, but she should have marked the occasion by looking the part, not landing on this page, or being ridiculed by millions. The bust of this dress is miniscule. I don't see how any woman could fit in that. The bottom-crumpled-up-tissue-paper is awful too. But I'm just splitting hairs here.
The Oscars featured way too many performances. I skipped through Jennifer Hudson. I only want to watch Adele, thank you. I think this dress on Jennifer Hudson is all wrong. Not only can she not pose in it, but the shoes are wrong, but it's just. not. her. This is a Zoe Saldana dress. I watched all of the Red Carpet interviews on a few networks, and Jennifer Hudson was so unlikeable. We get it. You have an Oscar.
Does anyone know why Kristen Stewart was at the Oscars? It was one of those "which of these people doesn't belong" moments. She looks like a mess from the dress, to her hair, and apparently a leg injury she has. When she presented with my beloved Daniel Radcliffe I wanted to vomit from embarrassment. We will all forget that ever happened.

Wardrobe Essentials for any Fashionista

Right to Left: J Brand Skinny Jeans / Slouchy White T Shirt / Steve Madden Leopard Print Flats / Madewell Chambray Shirt / Steve Madden Gladiator Sandal / Slouchy Sweater / Black Blazer / Cap Toe Pumps / Anorak Jacket / Riding Boots / Michael Kors Oversize Watch
As you can see, this collage of essentials is a tad bigger than the other two. As a self-proclaimed fashionista, I put more emphasis on clothes than beauty and hair, but to each her own, right? Of all the different things in my closet, there are always a few things that I always gravitate towards because they pull a look together. They're essentials. 

Starting with the "basics" per se, having a pair (or a few pairs) of skinny jeans are crucial for your closet.  You may have to try on dozens of pairs, and in a handful of brands, but getting the right fit, and wash will go a long way. And if you're like me, you'll most likely have to hem all your jeans. But some pairs can last for years, so it's worth it.

You can wear a white t shirt anytime. Anywhere. It's the ultimate basic. So having the perfect shirt (or a few of them) is a no brainer. I found my favorites at H&M, which is the perfect combination of slouchy comfort and a killer price. I like my white shirts loose with a crew neck, and my H&M tees fit the bill. 

I finally found my perfect pair of leopard flats at Aldo a few months ago and I wear them all the time, even in these chilly winter months; I can't help it! If I feel like I need a pop of something to my outfit, to give it a bit of sass, I immediately go to my leopard flats. They act almost as an accessory
 I love the chambray shirt trend, especially a denim chambray. A chambray, especially a denim, act as a white t shirt almost. You can wear it with virtually anything. I think I have gone a bit overboard as I own about 5 chambrays in different styles and colors.  But like I said, it's practically an investment, it goes with everything. I think it's good reasoning. 

I hardly ever wear flip flops in the summer unless I'm going to the pool. I don't find them as an appropriate summer fashion when there are so many other cute sandals to wear. My favorite trend are the gladiator sandals. It takes what could be a boring shoe and elevates it into something much more fashion forward. So ditch the pool shoes!

I love my sweaters during this time of the year, and I have acquired so many this past year. I realized that before, all I would wear was jeans and sweatshirts (when I was in college) and now I don't even wear sweatshirts anymore! Skinny jeans and an oversize sweater is all you need for the winter.

I used to only wear a blazer when I would go on interviews, but then I smartened up and realized that my amazing black blazer could be worn for other events too. Then I experimented with fun colors like bright coral and blush, and now a "jeans and t shirt" ensemble turns into something much more chic.

Every girl needs that one pair of heels that she can go to, to put together any outfit. Whether it is the color, comfort level (that's a big one for me), or the way they make you feel, you should have a great pair of heels ready for any classy event (or if you just want that extra oomph). :)

I was looking for a long time for the perfect anorak. I ordered a light linen one online but it wasn't good enough. Then one day I was at H&M I was perusing through the store and I made a dead stop when I saw one anorak on a rack. There was only one left and in my size. It fit perfect and since then, I've worn it almost every day. I'm telling you now, if you don't have one, find one! It will be worth every minute of your time looking because it is the single best thing I bought in 2012. 
 Boots, boots boots. I have a bucket full of them. Literally because I can't store them efficiently anywhere else. I have so many pairs of boots in different styles and colors (but mainly black and brown) but one style of boot that will always be fashionable is the riding boot. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I am super picky about my boots in particular. If the leather looks cheap and the color is just not right, I will keep looking. I have found you have to be willing to spend a little more in order to get that refined, sleek look. 

I don't accessorize as much as I probably should (I spend my money on clothes instead of jewelry). However, my boyfriend got me the same Michael Kors watch pictured above 2 years ago and it's my most treasured accessory. These oversize watches are very trendy right now, but what is good about these is that a beautiful classic watch will never go out of style! So ladies, it is worth the splurge! Or, add it to your wish list. 

Embeded pictures: from my Instagram - CCartier

Grammy's Fashion

Oh my goodness. This was definitely supposed to be up on Monday or Tuesday, but a recent exciting job development has kept me quite busy! I hope to share it with you soon, but I need to be sure I can! This week is flying by, in a good way, but I can't ignore my blog by any means.  So if you may remember, last Sunday was the Grammy's (okay it wasn't that long ago...) and we saw lots of great performances (that Bob Marley tribute performance was amazing, and worth watching in itself). But back to the fashion, if you didn't hear, there was a dress code per se, put in place before the event. Did anyone follow the rules? These are celebrities folks...

The Best:
I was honestly shocked when I saw Rihanna's wardrobe choice. I'll admit I am not the biggest fan of her personally, but she seemed to follow the "dress code" and she actually looks like a beautiful woman, not a crazed performer. Or whatever she is pretending to be that particular day. I'm loving everything about this dress; the color, the fabric. It looks so comfortable! Well done Rihanna.
Umm. Hello Kelly Rowland! Someone didn't follow the dress code! I would expect these two ladies to be wearing each others' dresses. This is more Rihanna's style, but I have to give Kelly Rowland props for taking the risk (who knows, maybe there could have been legitimate Fashion Police?)  because she looks good! You have to have confidence to pull this sheer patterned dress off, and she knows it! 

Honorable Mentions: 
I couldn't not post a picture of Florence Welch's reptilian frock. It was just too crazy. Florence Welch has a pretty unique sense of style to say it plainly, and this is no exception. I'm all for for special details and embellishments, but these studs are something else. I don't hate this dress, but I don't love it either. I just know I'm not as cool as Florence Welch to rock it. 
Emerald is the color of 2013, and dressing in shades of it will be seen throughout the season. Solange Knowles may have out shined her sister Beyonce with this awesome look.  The color is stunning, the slit is high and the hair is fun. The shoes are okay, they give off a watermelon vibe to me, so I would have been more safe and worn the same style of Loubs but in nude. 

The Worst:
Oh Adele. I hate doing this to you because you are so bloody talented. But wearing what looks like a heavy semi-constructed piece of drapery will not let you off the hook! I do have to give it to her for finally wearing color. Her usual wardrobe is fifty shades of black, but this time stepping out of her comfort zone was not worth the risk. 
Every time I see a picture of Jennifer Lopez now I roll my eyes. Okay, we get it. You look great for your age! But do you really have to wear tight fitting, sequined, up to here dresses ALL THE TIME? I could give her some points if the dress was nice but it's not even that! Her leg looks awkward, and the dress looks big and ill-fitting. Maybe it's time to try something new, you think? 

Photo credit from Yahoo.  

Beauty Essentials

Alright everyone, as promised, here is part deux to the "essentials" series. Hopefully you found Part 1 (Hair Essentials) to be helpful, and ran to your nearest department store to stock up on hair ties, argon oil, and dry shampoo! By no means am I an expert on the topic, but I love to recommend products that I love and hopefully others can benefit as well. As a bonus, I think I have to make a Part 3, and post my Fashion Essentials for every girl's closet. Until then, enjoy!

Left to Right: Up & Up Moisturizing Lotion / Boots Anti-blemish Foam Cleanser / Great Lash Mascara / Olay ProX System / Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse / OPI "You Don't Know Jacques" Nail Polish / NYX Eyeshadow Base / Ulta "In the Buff" Eyeshadow
It was really hard to narrow this list down. I thought I had a good set, and then I thought "Oh no, what about nail polish, and this and that." Basically, I made sacrifices, but these were the lucky ones that made the cut. 

1. I love this Target brand Up&Up Moisturizing face lotion as an alternative to the pricey Aveeno. I put it on right after the shower and it leaves my face silky smooth and soft. It does have SPF, which is great for my light skin, but it makes the lotion smell like sunscreen (my only complaint). A single bottle can last me almost a year!

2. I'll admit it, I didn't wash my face at night regularly until a few years ago. I would cheat and use face wipes (nothing against them, I like them on a late night out) instead of really washing the dirt and oil away. Thankfully, Boots (also at Target) has this great foaming cleanser I use at night and it makes me feel fresh before I hit the sheets. 

3. At one time I could be wearing up to 4 different mascaras. Is that a bit extreme? Maybe. But with all these different types of mascaras, They all seem to do something different. However, the Watermelon Tube as I call it, can do no wrong. If you were forced to only carry one on you, God forbid, then this is the one I suggest.

4. My brother got me the Olay ProX system for Christmas and I can't live without it now! It is a more affordable version of the pricey Clairasonic system. I keep mine in the shower and use it in the morning with my own face wash. After using the ProX system, you don't realize how much of a deep clean you get with the brushes versus your hands. I have totally seen a transformation in my skin!

5. I talked about the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse in a past post (here  ) so I won't reiterate myself too much. I wasn't too much of a face-makeup kind of girl until recently, when I realized I needed to suck it up. If done right, it makes you look fresh, clear and polished. This one is almost invisible, because it doesn't feel cakey on your skin. I love it! 

6. If I had to wear one nail polish for the rest of my life, I would probably chose OPI "You Don't Know Jacques". It works almost as a nude, with a bit of attitude. Frankly, that's a shade I can deal with year-round. 

7. This NYX Eyeshadow Base is perfect when you know you are going from day to night and won't be re-applying your eye makeup. When applied before eyeshadow, it keeps the makeup from creasing (my biggest problem) and looking good from work to happy hour! 

8. I discovered this ULTA eyeshadow a few weeks ago when I realized I needed a natural shadow to wear at work, interviews or on the weekends when I still want to look (somewhat) put together. This particular shade is pretty but natural. Perfect!   

What are your beauty must-haves? Stay tuned for Part 3 - Fashion Essentials. Now this is going to take a while...

Superbowl Ads and Appetizers

Football is my least favorite sport to watch, but since moving in with my boyfriend a year ago I have been forced against my will to watch it. But luckily for us, and my boyfriend's sake, his favorite team the 49'ers made it to the Superbowl, but as we know from yesterday, didn't take the top prize. I love getting together with a big group and enjoying the festivities, the food, the beer, the company. I also love watching the Superbowl ads. As a marketing student, I like grading the best and worst and what company spent their millions the best.

Overall, the ads weren't stellar, and over than CBS promoting their own shows, the ads only played once so they really had to make an impression. My favorite ads in no particular order are below. 

1. Volkswagen "Get in. Get Happy."

2. Taco Bell "Viva Young"

3. NFL Network "Leon Sandcastle"

And the award for the most awkward and uncomfortable ad of the afternoon goes to Calvin Klein. And yes, I'm going to post it so you can see it again. 

Now on to the most important stuff, the grub! At our Superbowl party we had the usual things; pizza, beer, chips, dip, wings, and sweets. I decided to contribute an easy Stuffed Mushrooms recipe I found. It was super easy, just prepping the mixture and pulling the stems from the mushrooms without breaking them, took the most time. Luckily I baked them on a sheet pan with raised sides, as water from the mushrooms leaked onto the pan creating a pool. These were so addicting, and perfect for any occasion like a party or potluck where you have to bring a side dish. 
Image and recipe from Chef in Training Blog
Find the recipe here