People's Choice Awards Red Carpet

Yay! Awards Season is officially in full force. Last night was the People's Choice Awards, the grown up version of the MTV Awards (in my mind). The Red Carpet was a bore to tell you the truth, and I wanted to put virtually everyone in the "worst" category, but I managed to narrow it down. It was hard work. 

The Best:
Of course I'm going to start off the list with my favorite girl, Emma Watson. She's been into this geometric phase lately, she wore a similar bold print at the MTV Movie Awards last year. I put Emma on the list mainly because she stood out. Everyone else was in solid prints, and Emma made a statement in her futuristic frock. 
Let's get this straight right now. I don't care for Lea Michelle in the slightest. Which is why putting her in my "best" category makes me squirm, but I just have to! This Elie Saab dress is amaze! Elie Saab is the epitome of elegance, and this girly pink color is so cute. I even like her matchy-matchy shoes. I would just change the hairstyle. Maybe a messy bun, a sleek pony, or a fish tail braid? 
Casey Wilson from SNL on the "best dressed" list? Yep. I love this bright blue with her hair color and skin tone, and the details along the bust and waist. It's not just a plain blue dress, and I bet in person it looks more expensive than in photographs. I like how simple it is but very pretty.
 Honorable Mentions:
I hate doing this. I really do. Jennifer Lawrence is reaching Emma Watson status in my world. I love her. I also want to be her best friend. I think she's fab. On the other hand, this dress just isn't up to par, yet. I like her shoes, the cute slit, the black sparkle, a long sleeve on a shorter dress, but the gold/sheer/v-neck top is a mess. If this was edited down a bit it could have been great. Fingers crossed for the Golden Globes. 
I can't help it, I love my color! Chloe Grace Moretz works the neon trend in a fun yellow lace dress. For her age I think the choice is spot on. However, I think she missed the mark on hairstyle and shoe choice. Because of the high neck on the dress, I would have preferred to see her hair out of her face. As for the shoes, black makes the look to "bumble-bee", and I don't particularly like the style of the shoe either. 

The Worst:
Yikes. Satin. I hate satin. This looks like a wedding dress that shrunk in the dryer. An ugly wedding dress none the less. Her pose is awkward too. I don't really have anything else to say. Yuck.
If you held your hand over the bust of this dress, then over the waist/bottom you would see the issue I have with this dress. There are two different dresses here! And they do not belong together. I imagine the top dress as a huge Oscars like dress with a long train and the bottom as a tight fitting sexy number. Not to mention that turquoise clutch isn't helping the situation. But I'm just splitting hairs here. 

Let's hope that Sunday's Golden Globes is a more daunting task, I'd rather have more "best dressed" to sort through! I'm so excited for the show, and even more so than Tina and Amy are hosting! Look for my picks later next week. 

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