It's Back: The Bachelor

Everyone's favorite reality show is back, not The Biggest Loser. No. The Bachelor. Because watching 25 crazy women in one house compete over one guy as they go on over-the-top dates in order to win his heart, and most importantly, the rose is way more rewarding. Whew. 

If you watched the last Bachelorette, then you know Emily dumped our now Bachelor Sean Lowe in the final 3. I think it's safe to say it was the biggest mistake of her life! (Her loss, our gain, right?) ABC took what seems like FOREVER to announce who would be the new Bachelor, but let's just say America is happy with their choice. Roberto who? 

Let's get to the exciting stuff, the crazy  beautifully poised girls who were chosen to compete for Sean's heart  rose. Obviously I don't remember all of these girls names, in fact I remember them by their level of craziness and their choice in evening wear. Let's just say there was a lot of questionable outfit choices and too much free booze provided. 

I remember when ABC released pictures of the girls, I thought Diana was my favorite just purely based off the snipet I got from her promo shot and info. Turns out she's one of the oldest contestants (if not oldest) and with 2 kids! There is also an Ashley-Greene look-alike, a stunning blonde with one arm, an OCD "professional organizer", an annoying model, and a former Bachelor girl. For a more in depth analysis on the episode and mini profiles on the girls, check out fellow blogger Jen Frase's recap here .

I always look forward to Monday nights. According to the season preview, there is a lot of tears, kissing and one girl who is a plague among the group (think Courtney and Vienna). I won't do a recap each week, only on the important episodes. :) Happy watching!

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