Golden Globes Fashion

I know I am a few days behind in posting this, and by now you are probably on Golden Globe fashion overload. But I am committed to posting all the fashion from all the big shows, so sorry about yet another post about the Golden Globes. And unlike the People's Choice where everyone was a bit dull, so many stars looked great on Sunday! I really had to edit my choices down. Here are a sample of my best, worst, and a little something extra. :)

 These ladies looked stunning, and for all different reasons. I would tweak a few things on each, but I have serious dress envy for all six of these gals! Thumbs up! 
 Blush tones took over the red carpet this year, and that's why it made my honorable mentions list. All 4 of these ladies looked elegant and tasteful, but since they clearly weren't originals, I couldn't put them in the top category. 
 This is my least favorite part. These six picked some God-awful dresses for one of the most glamorous nights, and I can't forgive them for it!
Ben and Jen win couple of the night. Jennifer looked STUNNING (no one else had a dress like that) and Ben had a great night winning for best director and best picture. His acceptance speeches were so sweet too. Love them!

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