Would You Wear...A $55,000 Backpack?

Well, at first read, of course not! $55,000 for a purse is absurd. That's a car. A really nice one at that. It's also the price of a house in some states. And then you look at the above picture and think I'm joking. But sadly, I am not. 

The Row, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's high end fashion line created 12 "limited edition backpacks made of black crocodile patent leather" - and here's the kicker - "adorned with prescription pills and colorful circles". REALLY? Do they think we are fools? Well apparently 12 people will be! 

I hate how sometimes fashion, (and other industries included) feel like they have to out do each other and come out with the most over indulgent product (. Yet, people always fall for it. It's so sad. But, the best comment I saw was "there is so such thing as a $55,000 purse, just an idiot who is willing to pay that much for one".

So, money aside, would you wear this crocodile purse adorned with prescription pills? I can't even type it without cringing... 

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