H&M to Start Recycling Program

I recently came across this article from one of my favorite fashion blogs, College Fashion. They stated that H&M is going to initiate an in store recycling program called iCollect starting February 2013. 

The program works as follows: for every bag of clothes you donate, you get a voucher for a discount on your next visit. It is not known what each bag will give you in terms of a discount at this time. 

The purpose of the program is to use the donated clothing and recycle it into new clothing. The retailer hopes to only use sustainable cotton by the year 2020. 

For someone like me who goes through her clothes once a month (or every other month) and just sells to consignment, I may use this only a few times a year. I would probably give the items that consignment wouldn't take. However, if you are a person who totally does a wardrobe re-vamp, this would be perfect. Depending on the voucher cap you can receive, you may be able to get a steep discount on your new wardrobe! 

Will you be donating your clothes to the iCollect program?    

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