Christmas Monkey Bread

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you all had a great holiday. I spent 3 straight days with family and while it was hectic, it was nice to enjoy everyone's company, and have good laughs and great food! Speaking of great food, we did something a little different on Christmas morning this year in terms of breakfast. My boyfriend and I volunteered to make a recipe I found on Pinterest (surprise!)
 I have seen Monkey Bread recipes floating around Pinterest for a while now, and they looked so simple and less time consuming than our normal 4 hour cinnamon roll recipe. This recipe couldn't be any easier. It took about an hour from prep and baking time. What I loved about it was the outside crunch combined with the warm, gooey and sugary inside. Since we had half the pan leftover, I had some the next morning. It was still amazing the next day. This is definitely being added to the 'ol recipe book. 
Recipe Here 

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