Day Trip to Apple Hill

Since Alex had Veteran's Day off from work, we decided to make a day trip up to Apple Hill since he has never been! We went to 3 separate ranches but they were within 5 miles of each other (if that) so it was super easy to get to all of them. My favorite part of the trip was the famous apple cider donuts from Rainbow Orchards Ranch. They are made constantly throughout the day so you get a hot, fresh donut on the spot. It was crispy and sugary on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. I highly recommend grabbing a few! Jack Russell Brewery was a nice end to the day, and I sampled their Pumpkin Ale and we got to take home the pint glass as a memento! Don't forget to take home an apple pie for your Thanksgiving meal, available at almost all of the ranches. :) Here are some pictures from each of the ranches.

Apple Ridge:

Rainbow Orchards:

Jack Russell Brewery:

What is so nice about living an hour away from Apple Hill was that we made a half day out of the trip and had enough time to see James Bond later that day! A successful day indeed. :)

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