Trends That Need To Die

In honor of Halloween I have a delightfully frightening post today. Fashion failures. I have witnessed some fashion fads lately that have outlasted their 15 minutes of fame. I outline the scary trends below.  
Crop Tops
Unless it's a beach cover up or you plan on spending all day at the Santa Monica Pier, I don't really care to see your toned abdominals, or the lack thereof.
I admit I almost fell victim to this fad. But not to this picture's extent. These seem like the most damaging shoes to walk in. To make a long story short, to quote my boyfriend: "they look like bricks." Touche. 
Circle Glasses
I've got nothing wrong with aviators, wayfarers or cat-eye glasses. Different style glasses look good on different people. But these plastic, bulky things? They don't look good on anyone. Save the circle lenses for The Boy Who Lived please.
Boxy Jackets
 Every woman likes a structured jacket. It says, "I'm polished." "I'm powerful." A boxy jacket says, "I am trying to hide a baby bump." "I don't know how to dress for my shape." "I think this is what they call fashion." Don't spend "X" amount of dollars on something you saw on the runway that makes you look frumpy. On purpose.
Printed Leggings

 This looks like something Nikki Minaj would wear. The fact that emulating Nikki Minaj's "style" is trendy makes me hurl. I hate Nikki Minaj. That's all I have to say about this. 
Heel-less Heels
 I saved the best for last. Can anyone explain what these are? Because I've seen these online a million times but I have yet to see a person on the street dare to wear them. If I do, I want to follow you, because there is no way you can make it two blocks without face planting. These are dangerous. Wear with caution.

So, do you disagree with any of my choices? What else needs to be added to my list?

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