Russian Tortellini

My boyfriend is Russian and I have been lucky enough to try different Russian dishes when we go to his parents house. But tonight, we made it ourselves. There is a large International Market down the road from us and they have so many interesting things from different cultures. Alex bought these pelmeny, which I still have trouble pronouncing in Russian, so I just call them "Russian Tortellini". 

Unlike traditional Italian tortellini filled with cheese, these are filled with chicken, veal, pork or beef (with spices). You top the pelmeny with butter and/or sour cream, which I thought was interesting, but tasted just fine. Definitely not on the healthier side of the scale, but tasty! 

 After dinner I decided to finally put all my loose recipes together. I rip recipes out of magazines or print them out online so much that I have accumulated a huge pile. So I took a leftover binder from school, clear tabs with labels and hole punched all those suckers! It's nothing fancy, but it beats the chaos I had before. Also, as shown on the picture on the right, I have a tip. :) My parents always taught me to write on my recipes. A lot of the time your appliances need to be adjusted or a few ingredients or amounts need to be tweaked (like the chicken taquito recipe from earlier this month!) Writing it down will help for the future, so you'll get it right every time. :) 

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