My Style: 10.24.12

Today was a typical fall weather outfit day for me: sweater, skinny jeans and boots. (And anorak jacket - not pictured)

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, Skinny Jeans: Blank NYC, Boots: Steve Madden (OLD), Ring: Forever 21

I bought the sweater a few weeks ago from Nordstrom Rack (hurry up, if you go now they may still have it!) and I LOVE it. It has a hi-low hem and fits like a glove. Before this season, I didn't really own too much fall/winter clothes. Reason being, I would wear sweatshirts over everything to school and had a job that required a uniform. Now that I'm graduated (yay!) and work in a casual work environment (flip flops in the summer? Yep!) I can actually wear what's in my closet outside of the weekends.

Gee, now that I think about it. These boots have been through a lot. I bought them in 2009 before I went on a road trip with my friends. Since then, I've worn them in all seasons. They have their wear and tear, but they've held up pretty well for being $40 at Marshalls. 

 Two guesses where this ring is from? Ol' reliable Forever 21! I have been buying "statement rings" lately. Nothing gigantic, or sharp that could be confused for a weapon. Just stylish, different, and adds a pop. Like this one. For $3, it's a good find.

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