Trends That Need To Die

In honor of Halloween I have a delightfully frightening post today. Fashion failures. I have witnessed some fashion fads lately that have outlasted their 15 minutes of fame. I outline the scary trends below.  
Crop Tops
Unless it's a beach cover up or you plan on spending all day at the Santa Monica Pier, I don't really care to see your toned abdominals, or the lack thereof.
I admit I almost fell victim to this fad. But not to this picture's extent. These seem like the most damaging shoes to walk in. To make a long story short, to quote my boyfriend: "they look like bricks." Touche. 
Circle Glasses
I've got nothing wrong with aviators, wayfarers or cat-eye glasses. Different style glasses look good on different people. But these plastic, bulky things? They don't look good on anyone. Save the circle lenses for The Boy Who Lived please.
Boxy Jackets
 Every woman likes a structured jacket. It says, "I'm polished." "I'm powerful." A boxy jacket says, "I am trying to hide a baby bump." "I don't know how to dress for my shape." "I think this is what they call fashion." Don't spend "X" amount of dollars on something you saw on the runway that makes you look frumpy. On purpose.
Printed Leggings

 This looks like something Nikki Minaj would wear. The fact that emulating Nikki Minaj's "style" is trendy makes me hurl. I hate Nikki Minaj. That's all I have to say about this. 
Heel-less Heels
 I saved the best for last. Can anyone explain what these are? Because I've seen these online a million times but I have yet to see a person on the street dare to wear them. If I do, I want to follow you, because there is no way you can make it two blocks without face planting. These are dangerous. Wear with caution.

So, do you disagree with any of my choices? What else needs to be added to my list?

Lust List: Movie Trailers

This weekend I was preoccupied by Halloween festivities so I didn't have a chance to watch a film off my "100 Movies" list. However, I wanted this post to be movie related. Luckily, two trailers were released recently that got me lusting over the upcoming movie season.

The first was Iron Man 3. I am not one to watch many super hero movies, but when it comes to Batman or Iron Man, I pay my $10 and enjoy the thrill ride. I loved the first Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr was perfectly comical and heroic. The second Iron Man was somewhat forgettable, so I hope this one amps it up a bit.

Secondly, and most excitedly, was the release of Kathryn Bigelow's trailer for the December release of Zero Dark Thirty. She is the Oscar winning director of The Hurt Locker, an incredible and intense modern war film. I read that this film, about the hunt for Osama bin Laden, was already in production when SEAL Team 6 successfully killed him in May 2011. Fiction becomes non-fiction. The most hair-raising part of the trailer is the last sequence, when it shows the team at night ambushing what we know as the spot where bin Laden is kept. Even though we know the ending, Kathryn Bigelow will make sure to make this a very bumpy ride.

Will you be seeing Iron Man 3 and/or Zero Dark Thirty? Any other movies you can't wait to see?

Russian Tortellini

My boyfriend is Russian and I have been lucky enough to try different Russian dishes when we go to his parents house. But tonight, we made it ourselves. There is a large International Market down the road from us and they have so many interesting things from different cultures. Alex bought these pelmeny, which I still have trouble pronouncing in Russian, so I just call them "Russian Tortellini". 

Unlike traditional Italian tortellini filled with cheese, these are filled with chicken, veal, pork or beef (with spices). You top the pelmeny with butter and/or sour cream, which I thought was interesting, but tasted just fine. Definitely not on the healthier side of the scale, but tasty! 

 After dinner I decided to finally put all my loose recipes together. I rip recipes out of magazines or print them out online so much that I have accumulated a huge pile. So I took a leftover binder from school, clear tabs with labels and hole punched all those suckers! It's nothing fancy, but it beats the chaos I had before. Also, as shown on the picture on the right, I have a tip. :) My parents always taught me to write on my recipes. A lot of the time your appliances need to be adjusted or a few ingredients or amounts need to be tweaked (like the chicken taquito recipe from earlier this month!) Writing it down will help for the future, so you'll get it right every time. :) 

World Series 2012

In honor of the San Francisco Giants making the World Series, (and Game 1 is on as I type!) I must dedicate a post to my excitement for this team, and for our fans. What a crazy year it has been, rather torturous to put it in Giants' terms. I was lucky enough to go to 3 games this year, but I can't tell you how much I wish I was there now! I leave you with a Brian Wilson meme. Because, why not? He can't play, but he will be seen and heard.

My Style: 10.24.12

Today was a typical fall weather outfit day for me: sweater, skinny jeans and boots. (And anorak jacket - not pictured)

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, Skinny Jeans: Blank NYC, Boots: Steve Madden (OLD), Ring: Forever 21

I bought the sweater a few weeks ago from Nordstrom Rack (hurry up, if you go now they may still have it!) and I LOVE it. It has a hi-low hem and fits like a glove. Before this season, I didn't really own too much fall/winter clothes. Reason being, I would wear sweatshirts over everything to school and had a job that required a uniform. Now that I'm graduated (yay!) and work in a casual work environment (flip flops in the summer? Yep!) I can actually wear what's in my closet outside of the weekends.

Gee, now that I think about it. These boots have been through a lot. I bought them in 2009 before I went on a road trip with my friends. Since then, I've worn them in all seasons. They have their wear and tear, but they've held up pretty well for being $40 at Marshalls. 

 Two guesses where this ring is from? Ol' reliable Forever 21! I have been buying "statement rings" lately. Nothing gigantic, or sharp that could be confused for a weapon. Just stylish, different, and adds a pop. Like this one. For $3, it's a good find.

Crockpot Chicken & Rice

Sunday was the first sign of Fall, so I wanted to make our Sunday dinner be hearty, warm and comforting. So I busted out my crock pot and found this Cheesy Chicken & Rice recipe on Pinterest. It was super easy and only took 3 hours. 

The recipe called for 4 chicken breasts, but mine were pretty hefty, so I could have probably gotten away with using 3. It also says it should take 3-4 hours on high, yet my crock pot managed to cook the chicken within 2 1/2 - 2 3/4 hrs. You are better off checking your own crock pot as to not under or over cook the chicken! 

The chicken was super tender, juicy and shredded easily. It was so delicious. It reminded me of a dish my mom made when I was younger; probably another reason why I liked it so much!


Fab Finds of the Week: Fall Fashion

I had to return something at Forever 21 this weekend, and search for some accessories for my Halloween costume. So naturally, that was my chance to search for items on my Forever 21 wish list. But come Sunday they were having a 21% off sale online, so I didn't do too much damage in-store. Here are some of my recent fabulous finds from my weekend:

 I found this polka-dot sweater and fell in love. I got to buy it in-store and see how thick, soft and comfy it is, I got so excited I added the other color to my shopping cart for Sunday's sale. I don't own anything polka-dot so this was a nice change for my wardrobe.

I was so excited when I found out Forever 21 carried the new trendy color for fall, Oxblood in a zippered skinny denim. And wait for it... at a price of under $13 during the sale. I snagged these in Oxblood, Olive and Black.

2 People + 1 Umbrella = Someone's getting soaked! That's how it is in our house. So I took the liberty and purchased this cute umbrella on Forever 21's Sunday Sale. At under $5, staying dry never looked so thrifty. And cute!

What were your Fab Finds of the week?

Yahoo Movie Challenge: Chinatown

I found a list online a year or so ago from Yahoo called "The 100 Movies to See Before You Die". I printed it out and began crossing out movies I had already seen. I was saddened by the fact that I had only seen 15% of the list. :( 

So I decided that I would finish this list! Before it becomes too late and I never start. There's so many lists like this out there, but this one had a variety of films from several decades. I hope I will watch one once a week and knock this list out. :) 

So I started last weekend with Chinatown, with Jack Nicholson (a very young Jack Nicholson). I always love a good mystery, but this one didn't do it for me. I was bored at most parts, and for a relatively long movie, a bunch of parts could be edited out. Hopefully this week's pick, is more exciting. 

Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Now that I am out of school, I am starting to cook more. Real food. Not spaghetti and frozen dinners all the time. (But I definitely still make spaghetti, and Trader Joes has some amazing frozen dinners...) Anyway, I found a few recipe blogs and choose a recipe once a week to make for my boyfriend and I. I must say, I'm not half bad. 

This week I chose the Creamy Chicken Taquitos from my favorite food blogger, The Girl Who Ate Everything . I found her on Pinterest, of course.  I have passed by this recipe a few times and wanted to make it, but something else came ahead of it. Luckily, Alex and I had most of the ingredients (the spices are a must in this dish) which is another factor in when I chose something to make. No one likes spending a lot of money on outlandish ingredients you'll only use once.

I must admit, I started to cook this at 6pm on Sunday while Game 1 of the NLCS was on. So while it took me an hour and a half to make, I assure you, it won't take that long.

Image from: The Girl Who Ate Everything
I had a few gripes about this dish. The first and biggest being was all I could taste was the cumin! If I make it again, I would definitely add less. I also didn't shred the chicken fine enough. I would bust out our Slap Chop (yep, from the Infomercial) and make it a more chopped texture. My chunks were a bit large. Also, I may experiment by adding extra ingredients. :) Another big note, I used flour tortillas, and I was only able to fill 7 taquitos with the mixture. 

Link to recipe here: Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Jewelry Shopping Spree

Someone went on a jewelry shopping spree! Yikes! I don't think it's any secret that Forever 21 is a shoppers haven (minus the organized chaos). Even though I'm probably outside of their demographic of teenage girls, but while I still have a limited budget and am able to pull off their styles, you bet I will! The joy of places like Forever 21 and their counterparts is that they offer at the moment trends at very affordable prices. And while I will be the first to agree that they may not be the best quality (see: About Me tab for example) but who cares... by the time the next trend rolls around, you'll want to switch it up anyway. So that $9 necklace really isn't a big deal. I have so many jewelry pieces from Forever 21, what's your go to place for cheap accessories?

My Style: 10.6.12

Anorak Jacket: Forever 21, Dress: Full Tilt (Tillys), Ankle Booties: Marco Santi (Sole Society)

I wore this look to a baby shower this past weekend. I was too excited for fall emerging so I had to emulate fall colors in my look. I curled my hair too (which is a rarity for my thick tresses) for some added femininity. The dress can be a simple, fun sun-dress in the summer, but when added with the anorak and ankle booties easily transitions the dress to fall. A super easy look that I wore from day to night.


I wanted to thank my friend Kyla who spotlighted my blog on her own (Ford-ology) for a special section on her blog called "Sponsor Spotlight". I am so thankful that it got my name out there, and I hope I can get some more readers with her kind mention. :) It's all about networking!

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

From Clockwise: Anorak Jacket (American Eagle), Tweed Shorts (Forever 21), Infinity Scarf (Target), Ankle Booties (Target), Denim Shirt (Top Shop - Nordstrom), Loafers (Steve Madden), Oxblood Denim (Bloomingdales), Fingerless Gloves (Michael Kors), Combat Boots (Steve Madden)

There are few things that make me more happy than the transition from summer to fall. I love taking out my jackets and scarves and start layering! Hence, why many of the above have to do with layering. 

So first off, my new obsession is an olive green anorak jacket i got in mid-summer. I have loved this easy and chic look for ages and it took me forever to find the perfect one, at Forever 21 of all places. I just ordered the tweed shorts above. I really like the look with black tights and black ankle booties! The infinity scarf (or any scarf for that matter) is a staple in my closet. I wear them almost every day in fall, and it pulls together any outfit. 

Ankle booties are a new obsession for me. I just bought a khaki pair from SoleSociety and a black pair that was on clearance from Target. I'm obsessed. I want to wear them with everything. The denim shirt is a staple in my closet. I think I have 3 now in different styles. I have seen cool details like lace and studs like the Top-Shop one above with the studs on the shoulders. They are perfect for layering and act as a white t-shirt, they can go with everything! These Steve Madden loafers are super cute and come in so many styles.  They're a cute spin on typical flats and depending on the print, can add a pop to your outfit. :)

I have been lusting over this new Oxblood trend. I NEED a pair of oxblood skinnies. Oxblood just screams fall. Fingerless gloves are a fun accessory to wear when it's really cold out. It adds a certain edge to your look, and it keeps those fingers warm! I love my combat boots. I have 3 pairs (excessive?) in different colors and styles. Because they are so popular now, you are bound to find a style that tickles your fancy. :) 

Taylor Swift: A Conundrum

I am in a pickle when it comes to Taylor Swift. I am sure she is a wonderfully nice and respectable woman, but lately, I just can not handle her immaturity when it comes to "love". I saw an excerpt of her interview with Glamour magazine where she talks about what we know already: she talks about all the guys she's dated in her songs. 

The problem I have (well I have a few), is that she apparently has been in love with all these guys. I am 24 and I can honestly say I have only been in love once, maybe twice. Here's a quote from her in UK's Marie Claire:

" '...When you make eye contact with someone across the room and it clicks and, bam, you're there. In love again.' "

Ummmm, what? I don't know about you but I didn't just "lock eyes" with my boyfriend and fell in love. It took a while. And it still does. Just don't get me started on how creepy it is that she bought a house next to her current boyfriend's place in Cape Cod....