My Style: 9.29.12

Top: Arnold Zimberg Denim Shirt (Saks 5th Ave), Colored Skinnies: Vigoss (Nordstrom Rack), Ankle Booties: Marco Santi "Heather" (Sole Society), Satchel: Coach (Coach stores)

I apologize first and foremost for the picture quality. It was taken with my iPhone literally right as we walked out the door. I ended up tucking in the denim shirt in the front of my jeans, and it looked much better. :) 

My boyfriend and I were going out for a few drinks with his brother and sister at a local pub. I have 3 denim shirts and they are a staple in my wardrobe. I love them with everything. The ankle boots are a new purchase (note my first blog post) and they are so comfortable and dress up any outfit. Worth every penny. And who doesn't love a good pair of colored skinnies? I love these ones from Nordstrom Rack. They are a vibrant coral color with the right amount of stretch, and believe it or not, they were under $40. I got the Coach satchel from my step-mom when we were in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love taking that out at night instead of a heavy, bulky purse. :)

The Casual Vacancy

I got home today from my relaxing massage and saw this at my front door. Massage + JK Rowling. Needless to say, it's already been a successful weekend. This book got a lot of hype when JK Rowling announced she was going to publish a non-Harry Potter :( book aimed at adults. Then the hype died down until the front cover illustration, synopsis and release date came out. 

Fast forward to Thursday, and the book was released to mixed reviews. I think people are comparing the two, which we musn't do. :( I worship the ground JK Rowling walks on, so I have no doubt the novel will have the JK Rowling touch. So excited to delve into it soon...

Will you be reading JK Rowling's newest endeavor? 

H&M eCommerce: A Little Too Late?

My day was MADE yesterday when I found out via Twitter that one of my favorite retailers, H&M was finally launching their eCommerce business, allowing consumers to purchase online instead of the stores. I think I can talk for every fashion junkie when I say, we have been waiting for this, for a long time.

The company blames security issues as to why they haven't started online commerce yet in the US (they allow eCommerce in several European countries), as well as a sluggish economy. The company's biggest competitor, Zara (amazeballs) already has an eCommerce presence in the United States and abroad. Sidenote: In college I did a case study on Zara in my Operations Management class on their logistics, and let me tell you, Zara does not mess around. They know what they are doing.

So to make a long story short, is H&M too late to get on the eCommerce bandwagon? Do you think they could have benefited if they launched this platform in arguably the biggest market FIRST for a competitive advantage?

Regardless, I am stoked for the option of H&M online shopping!

H&M Article

Emmy Fashion 2012 - Best & Worst

The Best:
Words cannot express how much I love this neon yellow Monique Lhuillier gown Julie Bowen wore last night. She took a big risk with this color, and she stood out, in a good way. Her styling complements it impeccably.

I LOVED this Reem Acra gown Zooey Deschanel wore. The light blue was fun and her bright pink lipstick was so...Zooey. I imagine this in white as a wedding dress and I get so excited. :) 

January Jones looks so hip in this Zac Posen dress. It's so freaking cool. I usually don't like big straps like that, so I would design it with a sweetheart neckline, but that's me being a diva. I love this twist on what could be a boring black ball gown. It's so gothic and edgy. 

Honorable Mentions:
Who would have thought Ariel Winter would make the best dressed list? In a print gown? In a designer I never heard of? This awesome print gown is by Katharine Kidd and I love it! I think the print is so cool, the neckline is unique and the hi-low hem is verrrrry trendy right now. You go girl. You look fab.

At first, I hated this Marchesa dress Hayden Panettiere wore. I thought it looked like gold foil with blue tulle on top. Then as I saw it more, I began to like it, even love it. Mainly because it was the most original dress on the red carpet. And Hayden totally owned it; and she looks stunning in it. 

The Worst:

What the hell Amanda Peet? This Calvin Klein dress is a disaster. Amanda Peet is gorgeous and this isn't doing her any favors. I see no curves, no colors, no nothing. Except blah. This reminds me of the 90's, in a bad way.I think the last time I wore a spaghetti strap dress was in seventh grade. 

Okay, so you can tell Lena Dunham probably isn't too much into fashion. Whatever. Sometimes I wish I wasn't. (Actually, my wallet does). But for the biggest night in her career to date, this is no good. This dress looks SO HEAVY. Am I wrong? If it were cut to just above her knees it would be great. But just not. 

Thoughts? Disagree with me on any of the above? I wish I could comment on all the looks, but God knows how long that could take...


Solesociety - A New Obsession

As my first post as a fashion, lifestyle blogger, I have to let you in on a secret. Sadly, it isn't where to get Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel for a a few bucks. (But if you do know where, please email me immediately). But it is as life changing. I subscribe to a lot of daily deal sites for fashion but the other day after seeing an ad for Sole Society I finally gave in. It's amazeballs. I then immediately regretted telling my boyfriend I wouldn't go shopping for all of September.

Spoiler Alert: I bought shoes. 2 pair to be exact. Aren't they beauties?

So everyone, do yourself a favor, and sign up here: SHOES!!!